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copy trade
copy trade

Percentage-Based Copy Trading

Utilize Binance's Copy Trade system to trade seamlessly across multiple accounts, each with a distinct allocation of assets based on percentage.

Testnet Supported

Safely experiment with all features in a protected testing environment on Binance Testnet before applying them to your live trading accounts, ensuring a risk-free experience.
copy trade

Binance Third-party
Account Manager

Effortlessly oversee multiple Binance main net and test net accounts within a unified dashboard. Execute trades, monitor asset balances, and adjust account settings, including leverage, margin mode, and position mode, all via a single API key
All Other Features

P&L Analysis

Analyze your daily Profit and Loss (P&L) by traderoom and account, allowing for better decision-making and strategy refinement.

Rate Limit Management

Calculate IP and account limits to prevent IP blocks from the exchange, ensuring uninterrupted trading operations.

Live P&L

Monitor your portfolio in real-time with live displays of your positions, orders, and daily Profit and Loss (P&L) data.